Fees and Billing

Time & MoneyFees for a particular matter may be based upon a variety of factors, depending on the nature of representation and can vary greatly. The principal factor is time spent on the matter.  Time charges are billed on an hourly basis at then current hourly rates. You should expect to be charged for all time devoted to the initial consultation through the conclusion, including office conferences, telephone discussions, correspondence, review of documents and correspondence, research, travel, e-mail communications, and any other time expended on your behalf. Other factors in addition to time, can include the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved; the amount at issue; the results obtained; and time limitations imposed by you or by the circumstances of the matter. Hourly rates are based on experience and expertise.

Retainer deposits are required for most types of representation and vary depending on the nature of your circumstances. Retainer funds are deposited into a client trust account which we will draw against to satisfy the monthly billings and out-of-pocket expenses.

Billing statements are provided monthly to all of our clients. Invoices will include the date, description of any and all services provided, and the amount of time expended on your behalf.

Upon becoming a client, you will sign an attorney-client fee agreement drafted specifically for you and your individual circumstances which will expand in greater detail on fees and billing practices.